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Not So Talented

Friday, October 02, 2020
Where is the story about the master giving three servants money when he went away on business?  One made a lot, one made a little, and the third saved what he was given.  I can't remember the chapter.


Dear Investor,

The parable you are thinking of is the parable of talents, and it can be found in Matt 25:14-30.  The parable tells the story of a man who entrusted three servants with five talents, two talents, and one talent respectively.  A talent was a large sum of money in Jesus’ day.  The point of the story is found in what happens to the man with one talent.  That man buried the talent he was entrusted with, and the master was furious because the man failed to do anything with what he had been given.  Matt 25:26-27 shows that God expects us to not be lazy and wasteful with our talents and gifts.  We should use our lives in the service of our Master.

A Voice For Silence

Thursday, October 01, 2020
     I have belonged to a church for the past two years that did not have a woman as a preacher.   I left a church nine years ago because they ordained several women to be preachers.  One month ago, my husband finally joined this church I am speaking of, and I was elated.  Approximately one week after he joined, the pastor of the church ordained a woman to be a preacher in the church.  I stopped going to that church the first time I saw her in the pulpit and wrote the church a letter to explain why I was stopping my membership.  I told him that I did not believe that a woman was supposed to be a preacher based on Scripture, and I no longer trusted him to correctly interpret the Bible.  He came to my house, and he, my husband, and I had a long discussion.  His feelings were hurt because I said that I no longer trusted him.  We were not harsh with each other, and I apologized to him because it was not my intention to hurt his feelings, but I felt like I felt.  He even stated that I needed to be at the church with my husband even though I may have reservations regarding this matter.  My husband was raised in the Church of the Living God, so he is very used to women preachers.  He also does not read the Bible, so he does not know what the Bible says.  I am not putting him down, but this is the truth.  It does not matter who I talk to; everyone seems to want to make every woman that was ever mentioned in the Bible a preacher.  I do not believe that to be so.  Please help me with this once and for all.  Thank you.


Dear Frustrated,

You are right to stand against women being in the pulpit.  1 Cor 14:34-35 makes it clear that women are not supposed to be in leadership positions during the church assembly.  Women have a zillion different roles within the church, but leading the public assembly isn’t one of them.  Men have the responsibility of preaching, teaching, and leading the worship services (1 Tim 2:12).  In today’s politically correct atmosphere, this can be hard for some to swallow, but as Paul said, “We have no other custom” on this topic (1 Cor 11:16).  There is simply no biblical precedence for women preachers.

Pulpit Presence

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
I felt for a long time that God has called me to be a preacher (I have no clue how, why, or where).  I have just recently began re-walking with Christ after I fell off the path.  I feel I’m getting closer with God as I rid my sinful life, particularly one sin that’s been a huge addiction in my life.  As this sin fades, I feel the call more and more.  I started a Bible study group about two months ago.  Honestly, I put off the call because I knew that particular sin was still very present.  Every day I feel a little farther from this sinful life; I think I might be ready to accept the call, but how do I know if I’m ready?

Eager To Speak

Dear Eager To Speak,

If you want to know whether or not you are qualified to preach, read through 1st and 2nd Timothy.  These are letters Paul wrote to the young preacher, Timothy, and see if you are doing what a preacher should do.  Preaching begins with studying to know what the Bible says and then actively doing it.  If you are in a faithful congregation, you can ask them about how to get practice preaching and experience in the pulpit – that is what we do with our young men in our congregation.  If you need a faithful congregation (after all, lots of them aren’t following the Bible pattern), we would be happy to help you find one.  Simply e-mail us at

Army Of One

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
    I've seen good examples in many Christian marriages in my congregation, and I think to myself, "Maybe I can find a wife like that and have a marriage as excellent as theirs.”  But later, I've learned how I am when I interact with women.  I've lessened my communication with women of the world by only sharing the Gospel with them and only with a sister with me.  But with the sisters in the church, I've learned of their characters, which I cannot endure.  I've seen this in sisters from my congregation and other congregations just by being in their presence and holding a conversation with them.  I've been told that it will take time for their characters to become noble, but it’s as if they're unwilling to let God build them into the women He wants them to be.  I have no mold for a woman, and I've learned that it is impossible to uphold a relationship with a woman who is in the church but refuses to be godly.  Now I'm at the point where I've decided to remain single and not find a mate due to the fact that there are unwilling, unrepentant sisters with immature souls unwilling at heart to become a helpmeet.  As a man who has decided to remain single, how can I, a Christian man, live a single life in a world filled with so much temptation?

Man Of Maturity

Dear Man Of Maturity,

Up front, we’d like to say that your opinion of Christian women is far too low.  You either are hanging out around the wrong people, or you are seriously underestimating the greatness of godly women.  Having said that, Jesus answered your question about how a man can live a single life.  When Jesus’ disciples told Him that the best thing to do is to remain unmarried, Jesus answered by saying, “Not all men can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given.” (Matt 19:10-12)
Most men are built for marriage and aren’t designed to live their entire lives single.  If you aren’t able to comfortably live a single life faithfully to God, then God’s protection against fornication is for you to seek marriage (1 Cor 7:1-2).  However, in order for that to happen, you are going to need to start raising your opinion of women and, most likely, be a little more honest with your own shortcomings.

Bible 101

Monday, September 28, 2020
    In a Catholic school, is it moral to withhold a teacher's security of tenure even if the teacher had continuously and satisfactorily served that school for more than a decade?

A Teacher

Dear A Teacher,

We aren’t in the habit of giving advice to schools run by the Catholic church because the Catholic church doesn’t use the Bible anyway.  We give Bible answers here at AYP, and the Catholic church doesn’t use the Bible as their standard.  We recommend you read our article “Catholics Or Christians?”.

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