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Medium Not Well-Done

Wednesday, December 09, 2020
     What do you think of the TV show Long Island Medium?  She claims she can talk to dead people, and the TV show does a good job portraying that she can actually talk to the dead.

Remotely Interested

Dear Remotely Interested,

Mediums are frauds, and God has always condemned them (Lev 20:27).  Television has a way of portraying reality the way they want you to see it.  Magicians really make it seem like they pull the rabbit out of thin air, but we know it is just an illusion.  Reality television has illusions, too.
The only account in the Bible of a medium talking to the dead was in 1 Sam 28:12, and the medium was just as surprised as everyone else when God sent Samuel to warn Saul!

To-Do Later List

Tuesday, December 08, 2020
     What are the four things saints will be doing in heaven?

Looking Up

Dear Looking Up,

The Bible doesn’t say all that we will be doing in heaven.  We know that we will worship God there (Rev 22:3), and we will have our tears wiped away (Rev 21:4).  We know that heaven will be far better than here (Php 1:23), but the details won’t be revealed until eternity.

King Of The Abyss

Monday, December 07, 2020
     I understand this is a debated question, but is Abbadon/Apollyon (the destroyer from Revelation) an angel or a demon?  I've heard from numerous preachers that it is either an angel, a demon, or another name for Satan.  Any insight is appreciated; thank you very much.

Demon Debater

Dear Demon Debater,

Rev 9:1 begins by talking about the star fallen from heaven – that star is Satan (Lk 10:18).  Satan was given the key to the pit in Rev 9:2.  Without getting into the details of what is going on in this chapter, since Satan has the key to the pit, Satan is in charge of the pit.  This makes him the “king of the abyss”.  Satan is the angel named Destroyer who is mentioned in Rev 9:11.  If you would like a complete understanding of the book of Revelation, feel free to download our class series on the topic here.

Pressure Point

Friday, December 04, 2020
     Is it okay for a Christian to participate in a yoga exercise class or even see or become an acupuncturist?


Dear Ouch,

It all depends on how you do it.  Yoga, tai-chi, and some forms of holistic medicine can have a religious element to them, but they don’t have to.  If a Christian takes yoga purely for the exercise, they are just fine (1 Tim 4:8), but if a Christian begins delving into the spiritual elements such as karma, Hinduism, etc. – that is wrong.  There is only room for one God and one guide in our lives (2 Cor 6:16).

Banding Together

Thursday, December 03, 2020
     I've recently become aware of my backsliding, and I've decided to fix things in my life to make myself closer to God.  I have a band that is secular, and it's definitely my livelihood at twenty-two years old.  I don't sing about Satan or bash God or anything of that nature, but I have used swearing and talking about killing posers (in a playful manner; I play Thrash Metal, so it is an aggressive form of music).  However, I do have a lot of songs about the realities of nuclear war, sci-fi movies, etc.

I don't know what to do.  I want to get right with God, but I'd hate to see my band end over it (I know that sounds very selfish saying it or typing it out).

I've had a very bad history with religion.  I abandoned my faith as a teenager and did just about every kind of blasphemy and obscene and irreverent living you can think of.  When I was seventeen, I came close to dying from alcohol poisoning, and it made me realize that I needed Jesus back in my heart.  I struggled for YEARS... yes, YEARS, in agonizing fear of being unforgiven for all the horrible things I did out of rebellion... I worried about God hating me or not forgiving me.

Anyways, I've gotten carried away; I'm just concerned.  What's your opinion?

Giving Myself A Thrashing

Dear Giving Myself A Thrashing,

Can you still play and cut out all swearing? Swearing is a sin (Eph 4:29).  Can you clean up the content of your music?  All that we say and dwell on should attempt to be pure and honorable (Php 4:8).  Is the environment that your band puts you in conducive to long-term faithfulness, or will it slowly tear you away from the Lord?  God tells us to watch the company we keep because it can corrupt us (1 Cor 15:33).  You said that you are backsliding – is the band environment part of the problem or part of the solution?

If you can faithfully ask yourself those questions, you will have your answer.

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