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Guide Dogs

Wednesday, December 02, 2020
     I love animals, and spirit guides have always intrigued me.  A spirit guide is an animal specific to you that can answer or lead you.  I am a strongly devoted Christian, and I understand the value of praying and asking God for guidance, and I do not feel that I would be worshipping a spirit guide in any way.  By obtaining a spirit guide, is it wrong?  Animals are all God's creation anyway.  If I am wrong, could you direct me to where in the Bible it states this, so I can right my wrong thinking?  Thanks and God bless!

I Love Animals

Dear I Love Animals,

A “spirit guide” would be considered idolatry.  God should be the only guide for our souls (Jhn 14:6).  By definition, a spirit guide is a guide for your spirit.  Spirit guides are a Native American tradition and a definite form of idolatry.  Rom 1:23 warns against giving animals the glory that belongs only to God.  The Bible is the guide for our lives, and it contains all the instruction that we need for life and godliness (2 Pet 1:3).  God designed the Bible to lead our spirits and discern our character (Heb 4:12).

My Baby Is Wet

Tuesday, December 01, 2020
     My husband and I have a dilemma.  I believe that if you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, you should be baptized and dunked in water and say that you believe Jesus is God's Son, and he died to save your soul.  My husband believes that since he was sprinkled as a baby and confirmed, he is baptized even though another person made that decision for him.  Didn't Jesus' baptism give us the example that we all need to do it on our own, or is that just one church's ritual?

When To Water?

Dear When To Water,

‘Christening’, also known as ‘infant baptism’, is nowhere to be found in the Bible.  Children are not baptized; adults are.  Baptism is only for believers (Mk 16:16).  You must be old enough to understand and repent (Acts 2:38).  Infants can neither believe nor repent.  It is adults, men and women, who hear the gospel news and then obey it through baptism (Acts 8:12).  Baptism must be requested by the individual wanting it (Acts 8:36)… babies cannot request baptism.  Baptism is for those of us who have grown up, rebelled, sinned, and need our sins removed (Acts 22:16).

Eve's Daughter-in-law

Monday, November 30, 2020
     Will someone explain to me how if Adam and Eve were the first humans, how Cain could marry a woman who lived in Nod?  Genesis made it very clear that Adam and Eve are not the parents of her.

Please answer.  If I find your answer, I will be back to your site.


Dear Skeptical,

Eve is the mother of all living (Gen 3:20).  In the beginning, there were only Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve had multiple children (Gen 5:3-4).  In the genealogies of Genesis 5, none of the daughters are named – only the sons.  This is because Jewish genealogies (and Genesis is a Jewish book) follow the male lineage – we never know the dates or names of the daughters that are born.  Cain was Adam’s firstborn son (Gen 4:1).  When Cain went to find a wife, the only logical person he could marry would be his sister.  Therefore, Cain’s wife was also his sister (Gen 4:17).

It is morally repugnant in today’s society for someone to marry his sister, but it wasn’t that way in the beginning.  In the beginning, they had no other choice.  God told the family of Adam to “go forth and multiply” (Gen 1:28).  When Adam’s sons and daughters intermarried, they fulfilled God’s command.  God didn’t prohibit close intermarriage until almost 2,500 years after Adam and Eve (Lev 18:9-17).  As far as her living in Nod, the Bible never says Cain’s wife was from Nod (Gen. 4:16-17) – it simply says that Cain moved to Nod.  He may very well have married her before going there.

Fiscal Fight

Friday, November 27, 2020
    My wife and I have been working out some problems, but there’s one problem we can’t agree on… money.  My wife believes if you have money, spend it.  I try to manage and balance my money; she tells me that I’m worshiping money.  Is it wrong to manage finances?

Counting My Pennies

Dear Counting My Pennies,

It is possible to spend too much, and it is possible to save too much.  Saving money is not a bad thing, but falling in love with money and hoarding it is.  God tells us that Christians should be good stewards of whatever He gives us… and that includes money (1 Pet 4:10).  Jesus gives the parable of the talents and uses the example of men saving and investing as a positive example (Matt 25:14-30).  The Proverbs mention the industrious ant as an example of preparing and saving (Pr 6:6-8).  If we are careful and smart with money, that makes God happy… unless we begin to worship that money.

Greed (Pr 1:19), covetousness (Col 3:5), and the love of money (1 Tim 6:10) are always sins.  It is a good thing to save for the future as long as we are content with whatever the Lord has given us (Heb 13:5).

Endless Charity

Thursday, November 26, 2020
     First of all, we are loving Christians who tithe and give our offerings, and God has blessed us dearly.

However, there is a family who are friends with our family, and we love them.  Yet, they are constantly taking advantage of our niceness and Christian faith because they are always asking for things, especially money, and they know we will try to help them… $40 here, $60 there, $100 here, another $40 there, another $80 there.  Many times it is twice a month or once a month.  This has been occurring over and over and over for the past three to four years.  Although they never pay us back, we continue to help them out because this is the Christian thing to do.  However, there is a time for all things!  It is just getting out of hand!  Will God be upset with us if we slowly and kindly stop giving them money and start putting these resources to better use?  Thank you for your help.

Give Me A Break

Dear Give Me A Break,

The Bible tells us that it is a good thing to give and help others who are in need (Acts 20:35, Matt 19:21).  However, the Bible also has some strict rules regarding those who are unwilling to work and are always looking for handouts.  2 Thess 3:10 says that if a man won’t work, neither let him eat.  There is a point where giving to someone can actually hinder them from being productive and enable entitlement behavior.

Furthermore, the Bible tells us to be good stewards of what we have (1 Cor 4:2).  How you budget and spend your money needs to be generous and wise.  It sounds like you feel that you are being generous, but you are no longer being wise in your financial dealings.

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