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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Monday, May 04, 2020
I am a teenager, and I’m getting into wearing makeup… is it bad to wear makeup?  I know it is, but where in the Bible does it say this?  That’s what I want to know.  Thanxx!

The Naked Eye

Dear The Naked Eye,

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup – if it is worn properly.  Makeup usage is a matter of wisdom, and first and foremost, you should consult your parents and abide by their wishes (Eph 6:1-3).  They will have perspective and wisdom that can only be acquired through experience.

Wearing makeup is an issue of modesty.  When women overly adorn themselves with lavish clothing and accessories, they give the wrong impression (1 Pet 3:3-5).  All of us have seen women that dress in a provocative and lustful way… you do not want to send that kind of message!  All makeup, jewelry, clothing, etc. should be worn in a way that shows self-control and appears respectable (1 Tim 2:9-10).

Glory Of The Home

Friday, April 24, 2020
     "She shall be saved in childbearing” – does this mean a woman needs to deliver every child God will give to her?

Maternity Ward

Dear Maternity Ward,

The verse you are referring to is 1 Tim 2:15 and it has to do with the role of women in the home, not the amount of kids a family chooses to have.  Paul is addressing that women are not to be the leaders in the church (1 Tim 2:11), but the public teaching and leadership is to be done by faithful men (1 Tim 2:12).  The reason for this is the same reason that the husband is to lead in the home – it is how God designed us.  Eve was made to be Adam’s helper (Gen 2:18).  Eve’s glory was that she was the mother of all living (Gen 3:20).
A man’s glory is to lead and provide for his family – even to the point of sacrificing his life to protect them.  A woman’s glory is to raise godly children and transform a house into a home (Pr 14:1).  God designed women to be the glory and heart of the home (Tit 2:4-5).  When Paul talks about her being saved in childbearing, in this context, it is addressing all the things involved with rearing children and the domestic existence.

Walk The Talk

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
     Sometimes I feel God’s presence very strongly, and other times I feel very weak.  I even question my salvation at times.  Do you believe the teaching of “once saved, always saved”?

Not Feeling It

Dear Not Feeling It,

“Once saved, always saved” isn’t true.  Heb 3:12 says that we must be wary and protect our hearts because an evil, unbelieving heart can fall away.  2 Pet 3:17 says that we can lose our salvation if we get caught up in false teaching (1 Tim 4:1 also states this).  If we return to a life of ungodliness, then we crucify Christ again (Heb 6:4-6).
However, it is also normal to sometimes feel spiritually strong and sometimes feel spiritually weak… what is God’s remedy for that?  Rom 10:17 says that we can measure our faith by our willingness to follow God’s Word.  Sometimes emotions can be deceiving.  It is our adherence to God’s Word that saves us (Rom 1:16).  If you are doing what God says you must do to be saved, then you can have confidence regardless of how you feel (see “Five Steps To Salvation” for further details).  Serving God is often an issue of doing what is right without regard to our emotions… showing bravery when we are afraid, working when we are tired, praying when we feel we aren’t heard, and persevering when we are discouraged.

Boyfriend Or Boy-Foe?

Monday, April 20, 2020

My boyfriend doesn't believe in God.  Should I keep praying for him and hope for a change, or will being with him only hold me back?

Holding Too Tightly?

Dear Holding Too Tightly,

It isn’t wrong, but tread lightly.  It isn’t a sin for you to have a boyfriend who isn’t a Christian, but it is important that you make appropriate boundaries.  The Bible teaches that we should only marry someone if they are in the Lord (1 Cor 7:39).  Marrying an unbeliever will tie you to someone who doesn’t have the same values as you (2 Cor 6:14).  The progress of your relationship will eventually need to stall if he doesn’t obey the gospel.  Religion is the most important factor in a marriage because it affects your morals, how you raise children, your finances, your hobbies, how you treat one another, and a thousand other elements of your future.  Be very careful when courting an unbeliever.

The Faith To Forgive Myself

Friday, April 17, 2020
     I’ve made some mistakes in the past that I’m ashamed of.  Society reminds me everyday of my actions, and makes it hard for me to forgive myself, especially when I know they haven’t forgiven me.  I feel ashamed and worthless.  What can I do to erase my past?

Can’t Get Past the Past

Dear Can’t Get Past the Past,

You can't erase your past, but you can change your future… but that isn't the real issue.  The real problem is that you don’t feel forgiven.  The two issues are very different.  There are times when our head and our heart aren’t on the same page.  Guilt can drive someone crazy if they don’t learn to keep things in proper perspective.  God says that your heart can be wrong.   It is very similar to the problem that the apostle Paul faced.  Paul had murdered Christians and felt that he was the worst of the worst, but he learned that Jesus would forgive him (1 Tim 1:15-16).

The apostle John said it best, “By this we shall know that we are of the truth and reassure our heart before Him, for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and He knows everything.” (1 Jhn 3:19-20)  Your act of faith is going to be letting go of your fears and trusting that living by God’s Word is what matters (Rom 10:17)… not what society thinks of you.

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