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Guy On The Bus

Thursday, February 04, 2021
     Hey, it's me again.  So there is this extremely weird guy on my bus, and he is an atheist.  How do I lead him to Christ?  God is not dead.

Trying To Teach

Dear Trying To Teach,

Ironically, the Bible doesn’t say much to those who believe that we are all a cosmic accident.  The only verse in the Bible that specifically deals with atheism is Ps 53:1 which says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ ”  From God’s perspective, there is so much abundant evidence of a Creator that an honest heart will admit it.  Statistically, this is also true – even with the rampant spread of evolutionary teachings, only a miniscule percentage (1.6%) of the American population consider themselves atheists.  Rom 1:20 states that God built the universe, so it might stand as ever-sufficient evidence of His existence.

Studying Creation evidence is an enjoyable and wonderful thing.  We here at AYP have an entire section devoted to Bible Evidences, but ultimately, if someone has totally disregarded the existence of God… Psalm 53:1 says they will be a very hard nut to crack.  If he is honestly willing to look at the evidence though, we have found some luck in referring atheists to the books Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel and Has God Spoken? by A.O. Schnabel.  Both books are well worth the read, and well worth sharing.

Where Your Faith Is

Monday, February 01, 2021
     What would constitute as an unbeliever?  This term is brought up a lot in the Bible and in biblical conversations, but what would constitute an unbeliever?

Define It

Dear Define It,

An unbeliever is someone who doesn’t place their faith in Jesus.  In 2 Cor 6:14-16, believers and unbelievers are compared.  Believers live according to the light of the Word; unbelievers walk in darkness.  Believers live for God; unbelievers’ lives are led by idols.  That is the contrast between the two.

A Courting Crossroad

Friday, January 29, 2021
    What does the Bible mean when it says that it is better for a man to marry than to burn with passion?  I got married, and I am still burning with passion.  I lust all the time, seems that I can’t help it.  I ask God to forgive me every day.  Please pray for me.

On Fire

Dear On Fire,

1 Cor 7:9 is the verse you are referring to, and it is warning that it is better for a man and woman to marry than to burn for one another.  We will never be able to remove all lusts or sexual temptations from life, but marriage was designed as a safeguard against those temptations.  1 Cor 7:1-5 states that marriage is a God-designed defense against fornication.  Don’t think that by getting married, you miraculously remove all struggles and lusts of the flesh – that isn’t what that verse is dealing with.  1 Cor 7:9 is simply stating that it is better for a man and woman to marry if they find themselves struggling to stay chaste and pure in their courting.

Making Shrines

Thursday, January 28, 2021
     I know that I cannot change my husband's mind about being a Mason and a Shriner, but I do worry about his salvation.  He reads those books, but never, I mean never, picks up the Bible to read.  I have mentioned to him about reading the Bible as well as the Masonry book, but he does not say anything.  Because of the Masonry and Shriners, he believes that if he works, he can be saved that way.  I have tried to explain to him that we are only saved because of God's grace and that we have to believe in Jesus alone in order to be saved, that our works will not save us.  He is a good man, and I pray for him.  Is there anything else I can do?  If not, would you please pray for him as well?  Thank you.

Worried Wife

Dear Worried Wife,

A Christian should never be a Freemason.  There are those who believe that the two are compatible, but this is typically because they haven’t reached a level of the Masonry organization that reveals the occult and anti-Scripture practices involved in the organization.  Ignorance is the reason for most involvement with Freemasonry, but it isn’t an excuse.  Everyone is responsible for seeking the truth for themselves (Php 2:12) and testing all teaching against Scripture (1 Jn 4:1).

Which brings us to your question – what can you do for your husband?  You can show him Scriptures like Tit 3:5 and Rom 3:27 that teach that we can’t be saved by works or any great acts of virtue – all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23).  However, it sounds like you have done that.  All that is left is to pray for him and let your quiet life of godliness work on his heart (1 Pet 3:1).

House Rules

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
     I have a son who is married, but he and his wife are separated.  He is seeing other women and having sex with them.  He stays with us, and so if he’s living with us and we know that’s what he’s doing, will that stop the blessing from coming in our house?


Dear Dad,

When a child becomes an adult, they are responsible for their own sins… but you are responsible for your household.  Eli was sharply rebuked and cursed by God because he honored his sons above God’s law (1 Sam 2:29).  When a love of family supersedes our love for the Lord – we’ve got big problems (Lk 14:26).  You cannot control what your son does when he leaves your house – but until then, remember the words of Joshua: “As for me and for my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh 24:15).

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