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There is physical evidence of dinosaur bones everywhere.  There is also evidence of Neanderthals.  If Adam and Eve were formed at the beginning of creation, were they living before dinosaurs and Neanderthals?  If so, does that mean Adam and Eve were even less evolved than Neanderthals?  Does the Bible mention dinosaurs?


Dear Rawr!,

Evolutionists would have you believe that Neanderthals are some genetically inferior pre-humans, but the evidence doesn’t support that.  All current “Neanderthal” bodies found by modern science fit into the category of human or some extinct primate species.  The missing link is still missing for a reason.

Now, let’s deal with dinosaurs.  The world existed for five days before God made Adam and Eve on day six (Gen 1:27).  Aquatic dinosaurs were created on the fifth day (Gen 1:21-23), and land dinosaurs were created on day six (Gen 1:25).

The Bible does mention dinosaur-like animals in Job chapters 40 and 41.  If you read the description of the Behemoth and the Leviathan found in those chapters, you should see the similarities between them and the dinosaur fossils that have been found.  For further information on dinosaurs, read the posts “Jurassic Parks & Rec” and “DINOSAURS!!!”.