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“Jurassic Parks & Rec”

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The Bible really doesn’t say a lot about dinosaurs even though they seem to be a big part of our past; how could we live in peace at the same time?  I’m a christian looking deeper.

Clever Girl

Dear Clever Girl,

Humans lived in peace with the dinosaurs until they became extinct… the same way we live in peace with bears, snakes, lions, elephants, etc.  In the Garden of Eden, all animals lived peaceably with humans (Gen 2:19-20), and after the flood of Noah’s day, God placed the fear of mankind in every animal (Gen 9:2).  Dinosaurs would have had the same relationship with mankind as all other animals.

Dinosaurs are never specifically mentioned in the Bible, but neither are dodo birds, preying mantises, kookaburras, or chuckwallas.  Just because a certain animal isn’t mentioned in the Bible, doesn’t mean the Bible says it didn’t exist.  However, it is worth noting that the book of Job mentions two animals that sound very, very much like dinosaurs.  Job 40:15-24 mentions the “behemoth”, and the description of that animal sounds remarkably similar to a diplodocus.  Job 41:1-34 mentions the “leviathan”, a sea beast, that sounds not unlike an aquatic dinosaur.  Dinosaurs may be extinct today, but there is no contradiction between the Bible and the dinosaur fossils found by paleontologists.