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Ask Your Preacher


Were there dinosaurs during Noah's time?


Dear Question-o-saurus,

We have every reason to believe that there were dinosaurs during Noah’s time… and that Noah put them on the ark along with the other animals.  Noah was told by God to put two of every kind of animal on the ark (Gen 6:19-20).  This would have included the dinosaurs.  Noah probably put young, smaller dinosaurs on the ark considering they would fit better, and they would be better prepared to live long lives and repopulate after the Flood.

Another reason that it is likely dinosaurs lived during Noah’s time is all the dinosaur fossils we find.  Most of the fossils that are found today were created by the cataclysmic flood of Noah’s day.  Ever wonder why there are so many fossils?  Millions of dead creatures were covered in dirt, water, and lava when the Flood happened.

And last, but not least, dinosaurs are spoken of in the book of Job – which was written after the flood of Noah’s day.  Job talks about two creatures: the Behemoth (Job 40:15-24) and Leviathan (Job 41:1-34) that both match the description of dinosaurs perfectly.  Since Job lived after the Flood, it means that dinosaurs were still alive after Noah’s time.