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Ask Your Preacher

“Still Waiting Around”

[This question is in response to “Waiting Around”]

      Can you explain exactly what "our spirit" is (as you previously answered another inquirer regarding the spirit of a Christian separating from the body and going to Paradise).  Is the spirit our conscience?

Jiminy Cricket

Dear Jiminy Cricket,

Your spirit is who you really are.  We are made in God’s image (Gen 1:27) – it is our spirit that is crafted in His image, not our bodies.  Jhn 4:24 says that God is spiritual, not physical.  God existed long before the physical world ever did (Gen 1:1).  Our spirits are fashioned after our Heavenly Father, and long after our bodies decay, our spirits will live on.
Your spirit is that part of you that truly is you.  It is more than your conscience; it is your soul – your very essence.  Your body is just a vessel to contain your spirit until the day you go to meet your God (Jas 2:26).