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A Lot Of People

Friday, December 20, 2019
       The fact that many people are going to hell each day keeps me awake at night, and I cannot stop thinking about it.  Can I have some answers?


Dear Empathetic,

No one has thought more about those perishing in hell than God has.  God thought about it so much He sent His own Son to try and save us from hell (Jhn 3:16).  God doesn’t desire anyone to perish (2 Pet. 3:9).

Take comfort in the fact that God won’t make any mistakes on the Day of Judgment, and no one will accidentally end up in heaven or hell.  He is compassionate, loving, and ready to show mercy (Ps. 86:5).  If someone goes to hell, it is because the most faithful and loving Being in existence judged properly.

Apology Unaccepted

Thursday, December 19, 2019
     What do you do when you have hurt someone and have said you’re sorry, but they didn't accept your apology?


Dear Penitent,

You accept that is where they are at and leave it be.  We are told to do everything we can to be at peace with others (Rom 12:18), but peace depends upon the actions of both parties.  You should still continue to pursue peace with this individual, but you can only do what you can do (Heb 12:14).

A Better Boss

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Jesus teaches us humility and not to be prideful.  How can our co-workers respect us if we practice this?  How can I not be labeled a “pushover” or the "whipping boy" if I practice this?  I am asking from a supervisor’s point of view.

Having The Oversight

Dear Having The Oversight,

Humility is not the same as being a pushover, and pride is not equal to strength.  Humility means that you aren’t arrogant or that you have any unrealistic view of your own importance.  Jesus was humble, and yet He also drove out the moneychangers from the temple (Jhn 2:15) and railed against the evil of the Pharisees (Matt 23:13-15).  The humble man improves himself and serves others with respect and dignity… just like Jesus did.  Jesus led with humility, and therefore, when He put His foot down, people knew it was important.

To Whom It May Concern

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
      In Isaiah 40:18, 40:25, and 46:5, when God says, “To whom will you compare Me? Or who is My equal?”, is He referring to idols or humans themselves who think they are or have the likeness of God?

Without Comparison

Dear Without Comparison,

Isaiah 40 and Isaiah 46 are both dealing with idolatry, a rampant problem in Isaiah’s time.  If you look at the surrounding verses (such as Isa 46:6 and Isa 40:20), God mocks the man who makes an idol out of gold or wood and then worships what he has created with his own hands.  God is not made with hands and doesn’t need us to build Him or create Him (Acts 19:26).  Isaiah is ridiculing the idols and showing how foolish it is to worship them.

I'll Live On

Monday, December 16, 2019
Does the Bible ever say we're made in God's physical form, or could He mean we're made in the likeness of Him via emotions, not physical… love, hate, anger, jealousy, revenge, etc.?  Thanks.

Want To Be Like Him

Dear Want To Be Like Him,

We are made in God’s image – but it is our spirit that is crafted in His image, not our bodies.  Jhn 4:24 says that God is spiritual, not physical.  God existed long before the physical world ever did (Gen 1:1).  Our spirits are fashioned after our Heavenly Father, and long after our bodies decay, our spirits will live on.

Displaying 26 - 30 of 3719

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