Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Does God Exist?”

I have been a Christian all my life and just recently (the past six months) I have been questioning God's existence.  I became exceedingly depressed since now my life has no direction, and I went to whom I thought I could trust (youth pastor and my family).  Both of which excused it as a "phase" – it doesn't seem like it is now that I've been feeling empty for so long.  When everyone else ignored me, I began to read the Bible, a chapter a day.  Nothing helped my faith.  I've tried praying to God, asking Him to help me believe in Him since I just don't have the faith to do this on my own.  Like every other human, I make mistakes all the time.  My question is this: what do I do to find God or help Him find me?  Is there anything that can help my faith?

Theistically Challenged

Dear Theistically Challenged,

Your question is one of the fundamental questions of life: “Does God Exist?”  It is important that everyone asks this question at some point in their life, and there is no shame in you doing it now.  We disagree with those you have talked to previously; this question is not a phase; it is a basic question that is worthy of an honest answer.

We will try to give you some key evidence that there is a Creator, but we will also point you in the direction of some resources that may help you in your quest for answers.  So here we go:

  1. Look at a watch and ask yourself the question, “Is this designed?”  Of course, a watch is designed – just like a house, a car, a camera, and other modern technological marvels.  You know they are designed because they are complex, they have purpose, and they are organized in a meaningful way.  Now look at your eye, your hand, even a single follicle of hair.  Are they designed?  They are infinitely more complex than a watch.  They have very distinct purposes, and they are all organized in a meaningful way.  You were designed by God; you have a Designer.  If you believe in watchmakers, you can believe in God.
  2. The most basic laws of science tell us that nothing ever comes from nothing (1st Law of Thermodynamics).  Einstein made it clear that nothing can be destroyed; energy can turn into matter and matter into energy, but everything that is here has always been here.  That begs the question, “Where did it all come from?”  Scientists all agree that everything we see had to come from somewhere, but the only logical answer to that question is ‘God’.  God, a supernatural deity not bound by the laws of physics, created all that we see and enjoy in this universe.
  3. God’s Word is also proof that God is.  The Bible is a book that only God could write.  It has prophecies that are fulfilled hundreds of years after they are spoken.  It has remained unchanged by tradition or persecution for thousands of years.  It makes statements about how our world works hundreds of years before scientists realized the concepts for themselves.  The Bible is a book composed by over forty different writers over thousands of years, and yet it has no contradictions within it.  The Bible could not have been written by anyone but Deity.

These are just three reasons to believe in God; there are many more that space prevents us from mentioning.  We also recommend you go back and read through the posts in our EVIDENCES category.  You will see that you aren’t the only one who has questions about God, and you will also see that there are answers to every question.  We also recommend reading Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel and Has God Spoken? by A.O. Schnabel. Both books are well worth the read.