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Ask Your Preacher

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Why is it important that we have to say the Greek word for this or the Hebrew word for that is translated to mean this?

Speak English

Dear Speak English,

It isn’t necessary to know the Greek or Hebrew words found in the Bible.  Reading in the original language adds color, but you don’t have to know Greek/Hebrew to learn God’s will.  However, you do need to be willing to dig in, compare verses, look up definitions, etc.  Understanding the Bible is about being a student of God’s Word, and all students have to do their homework.

Even the hardest passages can always be understood by comparing them to the sum of God’s teachings (Ps 119:160).  If you run into a difficult-to-understand passage (even Peter said that some Scripture is hard to understand – 2 Pet 3:16), it takes work to dig in and compare the other verses, but you can find the truth on the subject.

Anyone can understand the Bible in their own language, but that doesn’t mean everyone will just understand the Bible because doing so takes work.  God tells us that we must hunger and thirst after righteousness if we want to be filled (Matt 5:6).  He also says that it takes a love for the truth to be saved (2 Thess 2:10).  That hunger and love will lead people to the truth.