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Ask Your Preacher

“Through The Fire”

Hello! I have a question: are heaven and Earth literally going to be destroyed?  Or is it the old (current) world system that will be destroyed, but not Earth itself? I'm just curious about this.  Also, I'm curious if what Revelation 21:1 says by a "New heaven and a new earth" means that the Earth will be cleansed by fire and regenerated just like in the days of Noah (only the world was destroyed by a flood in Noah's day).  I just hope that the end of the world will be like Noah's day; it will be cleansed by fire and regenerated like the world was destroyed by the Flood, but Earth itself wasn't destroyed.

Looking Ahead

Dear Looking Ahead,

1 Pet 3:10-12 tells us that eventually God will destroy the earth by fire.  After that, He will establish a spiritual universe (heaven) where those who love Him will exist forever.  Here is a list of verses that teach on that subject:

  1. 1 Cor. 15:42-50
    • vs. 47 says our bodies will not consist of earthly components
    • vs 50 says flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom
  2. Lk 20:34-38
    • vs 36 says we will have bodies like angels
  3. Jhn 14:2-4
    • vs 2 says we will dwell where God dwells (heaven)
    • vs 3 says Jesus is preparing a place for us now
  4. 2 Pet 3:10-13
    • vs 10 says that when God uses fire to destroy the earth, He will both destroy the works of the earth and the earth itself.
  5. Heb 1:10-12
    • vs 11 says the earth and heavens will perish like an old garment
    • vs 12 says that the earth and heavens will be changed like one would change and put on new clothes
    • the new heaven and earth will not be a redo of this earth, but an entirely new garment.
  6. Matt 24:35
    • Heaven and earth are temporary, unlike God’s Word
  7. Heb 11:13
    • faithful people are considered strangers and wanderers on this earth
  8. Php 3:20
    • our citizenship is in heaven, not on earth
  9. Jhn 18:36
    • Jesus refers to His kingdom as not being “of this world”