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Ask Your Preacher

“66 Books In All”

How do I find who wrote all the books of the Bible?


Nom De Plume

Dear Nom De Plume,

Most of the books of the Bible tell us who wrote them, however some of the writers remain unknown.  Regardless of whose hand held the pen, the author of the entire Bible is God (see the post “Who Wrote The Bible?” for more details).  Here is a list of all the books of the Bible and the writers of each of them.  These writers are known because history tells us they wrote the books, or they are known because the books themselves mention who wrote them.  We have only included the names of the books that are not titled after the writers (i.e. we excluded the book of Isaiah because Isaiah wrote it, and the title makes the writer self-evident).

In the Old Testament:

  • Genesis through Deuteronomy – Moses
  • Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel – mostly written by Samuel
  • 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles – Unknown
  • Book of Esther – Unknown
  • Book of Job - Unknown
  • Psalms – mostly written by David
  • Proverbs – mostly written by Solomon
  • Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon – Solomon
  • Lamentations – written by Jeremiah

In the New Testament:

  • Book of Acts – Luke
  • Romans through Philemon – the apostle Paul
  • Hebrews – Unknown
  • Book of Revelation – The apostle John

A good Bible encyclopedia (such as the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) is a great resource for finding out who, when, and why all of the books of the Bible were written.  Finding out the context surrounding the books of the Bible is a tremendously helpful bit of knowledge that will help enrich your Bible study.