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Making A Mountain Out Of Mohammad

Monday, September 09, 2013
Is Mohammad a biblical character that was distorted and deified by man, or was he created by Islam?  Is there any record of a prophet in the Bible named Mohammad?

Prophet Perusing

Dear Prophet Perusing,

Mohammad is a purely Islamic figure.  The Bible never mentions a prophet named Mohammad, and the Moslem religion is entirely without Biblical endorsement.  Jesus says that He is the only way to God (Jhn 14:6).  Mohammad taught that he knew a different way… they can’t both be right.  Mohammad was just another false teacher (Matt 24:11).

Those Who've Gone Before

Sunday, September 08, 2013
My question regards generational curses.  My mother and father recently divorced.  I have now learned that my mother continues to have relationships with married men.  I somehow feel like her choices in her life will somehow curse me in relationships.  I have recently broken up with a man I thought I would have a future with.  Is this just the enemy trying to defeat me?  Thanks!

Distressed Daughter

Dear Distressed Daughter,

Children pay for the choices their parents make… but not in the way you are concerned about.  People pay for the sins of those who have gone before.  If your father was an axe murderer, it would affect you, your children, maybe even your grandchildren (Ex 34:7)… but eventually he would be forgotten, and the consequences of his behavior would dissipate.  That is what the generational curse is – that children must live with the repercussions of their parents’ choices.  You are dealing with that right now.

Divorce affects children in horrific and lasting ways.  One of the repercussions is that you begin to doubt whether or not you are capable of having a lasting and faithful marriage.  The doubt and fear you have is a pain you endure because of your mother’s choices… but you don’t have to recreate home.  Every person has the God-given gift of free will (Matt 7:13-14).  God wants every marriage to be happy, faithful, and for a lifetime (Eph 5:31-33).  In spite of your parents’ choices, you can choose a godly spouse and live a godly marriage.  Your parents’ decisions cannot deny you the right to live faithfully and have a fully successful future.  In fact, make it a point to be the person who changes your family tree.

You Can't Get Everything On eBay

Sunday, September 08, 2013
Is it wrong for someone to order a mail-order bride from Russia?


Dear Groomsman,

There is nothing sinful with an arranged marriage… but we would seriously caution against the lack of wisdom involved in marrying someone without knowing their values.  Marriage is a lifetime commitment (1 Cor 7:39).  Granted, we have very little experience with mail-order nuptials, but it is our suspicion that such arrangements rarely are built upon the foundation of faith in Christ.  Will your bride be a christian?  Will she take your vows as seriously as you must?  What are your motives behind an arranged marriage?  What are hers?  All of these are questions that you should ask yourself.  Marriage is one of the first things God ever ordained (Gen 2:24)… and aside from becoming a christian is the most important decision you will ever make.  It isn’t to be taken lightly.

Salvage And Recovery

Saturday, September 07, 2013
I would like to know if once you are saved, are you always saved?  Can you never lose your salvation no matter what you do?  This is what I was told about this basic teaching in Jhn 10:27-29.  Thank you.

For Keeps

Dear For Keeps,

The idea that you can’t ever lose your salvation is a warping of Christ’s message in Jhn 10:27-29.  “Once saved, always saved” is a basic doctrine of Calvinism (read “Calvin And Sobs” for more details on the errors of Calvinism).  The Bible clearly says that you can lose your salvation.  Heb 3:12 says that we must be wary and protect our hearts because an evil, unbelieving heart can fall away.  2 Pet 3:17 says that we can lose our salvation if we get caught up in false teaching (1 Tim 4:1 also states this).  If we return to a life of ungodliness, then we crucify Christ again (Heb 6:4-6).

Day 179 - 2 Timothy 4

Friday, September 06, 2013

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