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Ask Your Preacher

“From Faith To Faith”

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     In Rom 3:21-23 and Gal 2:16, Gal 2:22 (and several other Scriptures), it mentions "the faith of Jesus Christ".  The KJV (and a few others) have been changed in modern transliterations to "faith in Jesus."

This change appears to put justification in our hands (therefore making the sacrifice of Jesus of little value).  Can this be right?

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Faith Is A Gift

Dear Faith Is A Gift,

The Bible talks about “the faith of Jesus Christ”, AND the Bible talks about “faith in Jesus Christ”.  Both are necessary.  The faith of Jesus Christ is the gospel message that we can be saved through Jesus’ sacrifice.  It is a system of belief that we are to live our lives by and that explains our need for forgiveness.  Jude 1:3 describes “the faith” as a gift from God delivered to us.  Acts 6:7, Acts 16:5, and 1 Cor 16:13 describe “the faith” as something that is unmoving, unchanging, and that God has designed for us to be obedient to.  The faith of Jesus Christ is a gift of good news to all mankind that we might be saved (Rom 1:16-17).  The faith is the message of the Bible, and it never changes.

However, the Bible also talks about our faith in Jesus Christ.  This faith is individual to each of us and should be growing (2 Thess 1:3).  Our individual faith is our personal level of trust and dedication to the Lord, and it requires obedience to the faith (Rom 10:17).  The Bible teaches that our salvation is a gift from God (after all, we are incapable of paying for our own sins) that requires us to draw near to God to receive that gift through obedient faith (Jas 2:17-20).