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“More Than Words”

I wrote to you once before.  I have a problem with blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  I believe I am guilty of it, but I want to believe in Jesus.  I am trying to understand if His blood covers this, or am I damned to hell?  I don't want to believe He will forgive if He won't, and I don't want to stop believing in Him because I know I am supposed to.  This started three years ago, and it stopped the first year I had it, and then it came back.  Now it is worse than ever.  It's like I am chattering in my head.  I know it is stupid, but that it is what it is.  It started because I was afraid that God wouldn’t forgive me for something else, and it grew into this.  I don't know how to stop.  I am asking God for help, but I am still doing it.  Will God still let me come to heaven?


Dear Troubled,

The unforgivable sin is the sin against the Holy Spirit, and the fact that you are visiting this website is a pretty sure sign that you haven’t committed it.  Jesus says that any sin will be forgiven except for someone blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Mk 3:28-30).  Jesus said this to the crowd that accused Him of casting out demons by the power of Satan (Mk 3:23).  That crowd could have been forgiven of any sin, but instead they rejected the miracles that testified that Jesus was from God.  Contrast that crowd’s attitude with Nicodemus’ attitude.  Nicodemus understood that the only way that someone could perform a miracle was if God was with him (Jhn 3:2).  When that crowd rejected the evidence that the Holy Spirit provided (in this case, the miracles), they rejected any chance to receive the forgiveness found in Jesus’ teachings.  When we reject the truth of God (the Bible), we reject the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit’s primary job is to bring the truth of the gospel to mankind (see the post “What the Holy Spirit Does” for more details).  Someone blasphemes the Holy Spirit by rejecting the truth that the Holy Spirit sent us in the Bible.  Any sin can be forgiven if we will turn to God’s Word and obey it (Rom 10:17, Heb 5:9), but there is absolutely no hope for someone if he or she will not accept the Holy Spirit’s Bible.

Therefore, since it seems that you are actively seeking the truth and trying to study and learn what God’s Word is – you have not committed the unforgivable sin.