Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“House Rules”

     I have a son who is married, but he and his wife are separated.  He is seeing other women and having sex with them.  He stays with us, and so if he’s living with us and we know that’s what he’s doing, will that stop the blessing from coming in our house?


Dear Dad,

When a child becomes an adult, they are responsible for their own sins… but you are responsible for your household.  Eli was sharply rebuked and cursed by God because he honored his sons above God’s law (1 Sam 2:29).  When a love of family supersedes our love for the Lord – we’ve got big problems (Lk 14:26).  You cannot control what your son does when he leaves your house – but until then, remember the words of Joshua: “As for me and for my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh 24:15).