Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Raising Fame”

     Would you please give me an overview of John chapter 11?  I know that it is telling us that death does not have the final say for those of us who are children of God, but I need a better understanding.

Explanation Please

Dear Explanation Please,

John chapter 11 is about the resurrection of Lazarus.  Lazarus lived in Bethany and had two sisters, Mary and Martha (Jhn 11:1).  Lazarus became sick, and they sent word for Jesus (Jhn 11:3); Jesus purposefully delayed in coming to care for Lazarus (Jhn 11:6), so this event could glorify God (Jhn 11:4).

Eventually, Jesus traveled to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the dead (Jhn 11:11).  The key verse to the whole chapter is Jhn 11:25 where Jesus refers to Himself as “the resurrection and the life”.  Lazarus’ resurrection became a turning point in Jesus’ ministry.  Many believed in Jesus because of the miraculous resurrection (Jhn 11:45), and conversely, the Pharisees began to seriously plot Jesus’ murder because of the popularity He gained from Lazarus’ resurrection (Jhn 11:47, Jhn 11:53).  Lazarus’ resurrection was a real event that pointed to the real power of Jesus to save.