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Ask Your Preacher

“God's Children”

In Genesis 6:2, who are the sons of God?  Are they human?  If so, why are they titled different from daughters of men?  If not, are they heavenly beings, and if so, can they sin?  That's a bunch of questions in one and probably will give rise to more when you provide an answer.

Tracing Titles

Dear Tracing Titles,

The sons of God referred to in Gen 6:2 are mortal men.  This language seems confusing at first, but it is perfectly scriptural to refer to mankind as ‘sons and daughters of God’.  In fact, Jesus mentions that we are all sons of God (Jhn 10:34-36).  Gal 3:26 refers to christians as children of God.  Humans are made in the image of God (Gen 1:27), and that makes Him our Father (Eph 4:6).  Gen 6:2 is simply stating that men married women, had children, and populated the earth.  We can't know for sure why the titling difference between "sons of God", and "daughters of men", but it may be as simple as making the text more interesting to read – the same reason all good writing uses a diversity of descriptive terms.