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Ask Your Preacher

“Truth Vs. Tale”

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     I wanted to ask if you are aware that the story of Jesus is not unique.  There were mythical Greek gods long before Jesus was heard of with the same or similar story surrounding them (i.e. the virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, etc.).


Dear Copycat,

We are aware of myths that contain elements that are similar to Jesus’ life, but similarity doesn’t mean they are the same, and the biggest difference is that Jesus is a literal person who walked the earth – unlike Hercules or Poseidon.

Jesus is a well-documented historical figure.  He is noted by both biblical and secular historians of His day.  Jesus isn’t a myth.  The fact that people who lived at the same time as Jesus were willing to lay down their lives for their conviction that He had risen from the grave puts Him in a totally different category than mythological tales.  All but the most radical historians agree that Jesus really walked this Earth – we can’t fable Him away like Zeus.