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Ask Your Preacher

“King Of The Abyss”

     I understand this is a debated question, but is Abbadon/Apollyon (the destroyer from Revelation) an angel or a demon?  I've heard from numerous preachers that it is either an angel, a demon, or another name for Satan.  Any insight is appreciated; thank you very much.

Demon Debater

Dear Demon Debater,

Rev 9:1 begins by talking about the star fallen from heaven – that star is Satan (Lk 10:18).  Satan was given the key to the pit in Rev 9:2.  Without getting into the details of what is going on in this chapter, since Satan has the key to the pit, Satan is in charge of the pit.  This makes him the “king of the abyss”.  Satan is the angel named Destroyer who is mentioned in Rev 9:11.  If you would like a complete understanding of the book of Revelation, feel free to download our class series on the topic here.