Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Not Your Church”

     I am a newly-ordained minister.  I want to have a church, but I’m not sure how to build my congregation.  I live the Lord our God with all my heart, and I really have a desire to help people come to know Christ.  How do I build up my church and encourage others to come?


Dear Graduate,

The only advice we can give is to hold very carefully to the Bible pattern, and the congregation will be blessed.  It shouldn’t be your church, and you shouldn’t try and build your congregation – the only church that matters is Christ’s church.  The churches that are pleasing to God are the ones that belong to Him.  The religious world is full of people that try and make churches grow by doing all sorts of things that have nothing to do with New Testament Christianity.  If the congregation strives to use book, chapter, and verse for everything it does ­– it will be a success no matter how many members it has.  You may find the article “Down With Denominationalism” useful, and we also have an article entitled “Finding A Church” that might interest you because it gives the perspective of what the Bible tells people to look for in a congregation.