Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Not So Talented”

Where is the story about the master giving three servants money when he went away on business?  One made a lot, one made a little, and the third saved what he was given.  I can't remember the chapter.


Dear Investor,

The parable you are thinking of is the parable of talents, and it can be found in Matt 25:14-30.  The parable tells the story of a man who entrusted three servants with five talents, two talents, and one talent respectively.  A talent was a large sum of money in Jesus’ day.  The point of the story is found in what happens to the man with one talent.  That man buried the talent he was entrusted with, and the master was furious because the man failed to do anything with what he had been given.  Matt 25:26-27 shows that God expects us to not be lazy and wasteful with our talents and gifts.  We should use our lives in the service of our Master.