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Ask Your Preacher

“Modern Music”

I have a question: is it wrong for churches to sing Christian songs like ‘Hosanna’ (i.e. Christian rock)?  Some churches are singing these types of songs, but some people say it’s wrong.

Rock On

Dear Rock On,

The Scriptures give a few qualifications for the songs that we sing.  First of all, they must always be reverent (Heb 12:28).  Songs that treat God flippantly or treat worship more as entertainment than reverence to God are wrong.  Many churches are more interested in fascinating the people with trendy music than they are with bringing gravity to the minds of young souls that need to be reminded that their Maker is to be treated with fear and awe (Pr 1:7).

Secondly, the songs must be psalms, hymns, or spiritual songs (Col 3:16).  The songs must have Bible-based language and doctrinally sound lyrics.  They must agree with the teachings of the Bible, and they must be focused on spiritual things.  Once again, worship is about God, not us.

Thirdly, they should be songs that are sung from our hearts and by all the members (Eph 5:19).  The Bible never authorizes rock bands, choirs, pianos, etc.  Instrumental music in worship is an invention that has no biblical foundation to it.  The New Testament example is everyone singing from the heart – no more, no less (Rev 22:18-19).  If you would like to read more on the subject of instrumental music in worship, we suggest you read “A Cappella”.