Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Across State Lines”

     I am a Christian separated from my husband who is also a Christian.  We have been separated for three years.  No unfaithfulness has been committed on either part, but there are issues that have not been resolved yet.  I have relocated to another state and am active in my church.  I was asked to accept a leadership role, and I did, but I recently stepped down because my husband said it is not biblical for me to be in leadership with our marriage the way it is.  Is this true?


Dear Separated,

We are sorry to hear about your separation, but it sounds like you are handling it the way the Lord intends in such circumstances (1 Cor 7:10-11).  Here is the issue – we don’t know what church you are attending, but biblically there are no official leadership positions for women in the church.  Technically, the only positions of authority within the church are elders and deacons.  The qualifications for both elders and deacons require that they be men (1 Tim 3:1-12).  Any church that is creating leadership positions other than those found in the Bible is adding to the Word of God (Rev 22:18-19).