Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“My Own Personal Demons”

     I have reason to believe that I may be possessed because I get upset/angry at the most unusual times, and even today on Christmas, I got mad at least once.  Is there anything I can do at home (I have NO means of transportation as I am a fourteen-year-old male) to help put the demons to rest?


Dear Driven,

You aren’t possessed by demons; you are enslaved to anger – there is a difference.  Demon possession ended not long after the days of Christ.  Jesus made it clear that one of His jobs was to bind the devil and take His strength away by casting out his demons (Matt 12:28-29).  When Jesus’ disciples had come back from their evangelism trips and related to Him that they had cast out many demons, Jesus told them that they were defeating Satan by getting rid of Satan’s demonic minions (Lk 10:17-18).  When Jesus and His disciples cast out demons, they did it permanently (Lk 8:30-33) and bound Satan by their acts.  We no longer have to deal with such overt attacks by the devil because he has been bound by Christ’s sacrifice (Rev. 20:2).

The way to deal with anger is to choose self-control, which can be very difficult, especially in our teenage years.  Jas 1:19 says that one of the best cures for anger is to slow down and listen first.  If we are swift to hear and slow to speak, anger tends to subside because of understanding.  God gave us each two ears and only one mouth for a reason.  Focus on listening to others and trying to understand their perspectives before allowing anger to control you.