Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher


     Catechisms are religious texts with teaching by questions.  Is a catechism?

Devout Definitions

Dear Devout Definitions,

Saying that AskYourPreacher is a catechism is kind of like saying that since a wagon has four wheels that it is the same as a car.  Though there are similarities between catechisms’ question/answer format to teach doctrine and AskYourPreacher, we aren’t at all the same.

AskYourPreacher doesn’t use fixed questions and answers – these are real questions that real people ask us on a daily basis.  We would NEVER want someone to use AYP as their sole source of Bible knowledge.  Use the Bible as your sole source of Bible knowledge!  Catechisms are designed to be used as manuals for worship, doctrine, etc.  Our goal is to help refer people back to the Bible and away from man’s traditions – basically the opposite of what catechisms do.