Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“You've Been Schooled”

     I have spoken with people who feel our job as christian parents is to homeschool our children.  Are there verses in the Bible to support this idea?

Educate Me Please

Dear Educate Me Please,

There are lots of verses that say parents are responsible for the education of their children, but none of them say you must formally homeschool your children.  Whether a child goes to a public, private, alternative, or home school, Mom and Dad are responsible for making sure their child is properly trained up (Pr 22:6).  Many parents believe the only way they can properly train their children is to homeschool them.  On the other hand, just as many parents feel that taking advantage of the opportunities provided by various education systems is a wise way to responsibly educate their children.  The Bible doesn’t specifically tell us how to train our children; it just says it is our duty.  We should be very wary about creating a law like “christians must homeschool their children” if God hasn’t made that law.  If the Bible gives only the general command to train up our children, we shouldn’t go beyond what He wrote (1 Cor 4:6).  Parents should use whatever tools they see fit to nurture their children in the chastening and admonition of the Lord (Eph 6:4).