Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Double, Double, Toil Or Trouble”

Is neutral witchcraft that won’t harm, curse, or effect anyone in any way against the Bible, and if it is, why?

Something’s Brewing

Dear Something’s Brewing,

There is no such thing as “neutral” witchcraft that won’t affect anyone.  Anything that is wrong always hurts someone – even if it just hurts you.  Anything that departs from God is sin (Ps 18:21).  Witchcraft, by design, places your trust in the occult.  Witchcraft, of any type, is always wrong (1 Sam 15:23).  We must choose whether we trust witchcraft to guide our life or whether we trust God to guide it (Matt 6:24).  When Paul preached in Ephesus, many of those who practiced magical arts converted, burned their books, and confessed their sins (Acts 19:17-20).  That is the only proper way to deal with witchcraft… burn the behavior up and never practice it again.