Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“The Stone Left Unthrown”

When I was about eleven, I was baptized.  When I was in my teens, I did something stupid (won’t tell what it is because it disgusts me to even think of it).  But in the Old Testament, it says to kill the woman who does this because it’s disgusting in the Lord’s sight.  I have read several different versions since then and many years have passed.  I cannot find anything to make myself think that God will forgive me.  To think that God is disgusted with you....


Can I be forgiven?  Can I be clean again?


Dear Guilt-Ridden,

Nothing can be more disgusting and horrible than killing christians – and God forgave Paul of that sin (Acts 26:10).  Paul said that he was set up as an example to all mankind that any sin, no matter how horrid, can be forgiven (1 Tim 1:16).  As much as Paul grieved his sins (he considered himself the least of the apostles, 1 Cor 15:9), he also gave thanks that God forgave him (Col 1:12-14).  Paul’s future life was fueled by the fact that it was by God’s grace he had been given a second chance.  Only in Christianity can we fully accept the weight and gravity of our sins and just as fully accept the gift of forgiveness.  “By the grace of God” Paul had hope, and because of that grace, he “labored more abundantly than all” (1 Cor 15:10).  Like the woman that was brought to Jesus to be stoned, you can be set free with a second chance (read the account of that woman in John chapter 8).  His only command to her was, “Go and sin no more” (Jhn 8:11).