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Ask Your Preacher

“Red Means Stop”

I was talking to a Jehovah’s Witness about the eating blood policy.  I told him about the Old Testament laws being replaced by the New Testament laws, but he said that since Acts 15:29, the passage that say to abstain from blood is in the New Testament, we as christians should avoid eating anything that has blood because eating blood is a sin and, therefore, make sure the meat has no blood.  He tripped me up with that, so I didn't know what to say.  Is this true what he said about modern day christians should obey Acts 15:29 regarding blood?

Bad Blood

Dear Bad Blood,

Although there is some controversy over the subject, drinking blood is a sin.  The Jews knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that drinking blood was a sin (Gen 9:4).  A Jewish law is not the same as a christian law though, so we must find a New Testament teaching on the subject.  In Acts 15:19-20, a letter is sent by the apostles to all the Gentile christians telling them to abstain from drinking blood or eating meat that had been strangled (thus leaving the blood in the meat).  Drinking blood is put side by side with fornication as something to be avoided at all cost.  The life is in the blood, and, therefore, it should be treated with respect (Lev 17:11).