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Hopeless Romantic

Monday, January 17, 2011
Why has no one ever asked me out?

Feeling Ugly

Dear Feeling Ugly,

One of our favorite verses in the Bible is Ps 27:14 which says, “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”  When we are waiting for that right person to come along, and especially when we desperately want to be noticed and seen by the opposite gender, it can be an unbelievably hopeless feeling… but wait on the Lord, and all things will work out (Rom 8:28).  Your plight is shared by millions of other potential suitors, and there are several ways to deal with your unfulfilled yearning for affection and companionship, but only one way that is biblical.

  1. Begin to act in a way that will garner attention at any cost.  This sort of desperate behavior leads to lots of attention, but the wrong kind.  God makes it clear that you want to be noticed for your lovely spirit, not your body (1 Tim 2:9).
  2. Switch to “hermit mode”, and give up.  This also isn’t the right attitude.  Many bitter and forlorn hearts have been created because people gave up hope too early.  Be still and know that He is God (Ps 46:10); God’s plans are always better than our own.
  3. Learn to be content where you are in life, and be the best person you can be (Php 4:11).  When we learn to live faithfully and trust the Lord’s outcome, we have success because He exalts us in due time (1 Pet 5:6).  This is true in every area of life, including waiting for the right someone to come along.

A Dirty Word

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Is there a difference in the meaning of ‘unclean’ in the Old Testament and the New Testament?  It is my understanding that many things in the Old Testament that were considered unclean weren't necessarily wrong or sinful, but in the New Testament, my understanding is that the word ‘unclean’ is for things that are wrong or should be avoided.  Thanks!

Scrubbed Up

Dear Scrubbed Up,

The word ‘unclean’ refers to anything that is ‘contaminated or unholy’.  Many times that is in reference to something contaminated by sin – in which case, ‘unclean’ is referring to something sinful (some good examples of this are Rom 1:24, Eph 4:19, and Lam 1:8).  However, some things that were unclean were simply things that a Jew needed to purify themselves from if they came in contact with it (i.e. leprosy, dead bodies, pus, or other body ailments – Num 5:2-3).  It wasn’t a sin to be a leper, but it was a contaminated condition, and there was a need for quarantine.

In both the Old and New Testaments, we must always use context to decide whether the word ‘unclean’ is in reference to sin or merely referring to something that is contaminated in some way.  For example, 1 Cor 7:14 refers to the children of unbelievers as being ‘unclean’… but that isn’t referring to sin.  All children are born without sin, but the children that are born into a christian home are purified from many of the struggles that an unbeliever’s child must face.  We give this example simply to show that not all New Testament uses of the word ‘unclean’ refer to sin.  The deciding factor is always context.  The word means ‘contaminated or unholy’… context will tell you whether the contamination is sin.

An Appeal To Holland

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Recently, we received an anonymous question from a woman in Holland (the post was entitled “Pushing Forward, Looking Back”).  This post is in hopes that we can reach her.  At the time, we said we didn’t have any contacts in that part of the world, and it wasn’t possible for us to find a congregation in the area.  Since then, a kind and faithful brother has reached out to us and provided a contact number for a godly preacher in the Netherlands.  Ma’am, if you are still reading, please e-mail us at, so  we can get you in contact with him.  You are in our prayers.

In Remembrance Of Him

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Should we take communion every Sunday?  Acts 20:7?

On A Schedule

Dear On A Schedule,

Taking communion is a weekly thing – no more, no less. Christ told us that whenever we take the Lord’s Supper, we should do it in remembrance of Him (Lk 22:19), but He never said how often. It isn’t until the book of Acts that we see how often the church observed the Lord’s Supper. In Acts 20:7, we see that christians ‘broke the bread’ in remembrance of Christ on Sundays. That is when they did it, so that is when we do it.  You are very wise to cite this verse in your question because it is the only example we have in the Bible of the timing of the Lord’s Supper.

Paul says that we are to take the Lord’s Supper when the church is gathered together (1 Cor 11:20). Taking the Lord’s Supper is an act of worship done by every congregation of the Lord each Sunday. When we take a look at all the teaching on the Lord’s Supper, we get the truth (Ps 119:160). Christ commands that we do it in remembrance of Him, the church gives us the example of doing it on the first day of the week, and Paul teaches that we should do it when we are assembled as a church.

International Interest

Friday, January 14, 2011
I just want to ask if it is wrong if I often go to church and have my daily Bible study at home?  And can you recommend a church to us; we live here at Yokohama, Japan?  Thank you.


Dear Konnichiwa,

We aren’t sure if it is a typo or not, but if you are asking if it is okay to go to church often and study your Bible at home… the answer is ‘Yes!’.  However, since you are looking for a congregation in your area, we are guessing that were asking if it is okay to study at home and not attend services.  The Bible commands christians to not forsake the assembly (Heb 10:24-25).  Though in some parts of the world it is difficult to find a faithful group, most countries do have congregations that follow the Bible, and they are often closer than you think.  God never intended for christians to function without a local church.

We found what looks like a faithful congregation in Tokyo that teaches and preaches the Bible (we have no personal experience with them though); Tokyo isn’t too far from your location.  Here is a link to their website – Ochanomizu church of Christ.  It is significantly harder to find English-speaking congregations in non-English speaking countries.  There may be a congregation even closer – contact that group, and they will probably have more information than we can provide.  If any of our faithful readers have more specific information on a congregation near Yokohama, please send it to us at  Also, if the writer of this question will e-mail us with their contact information, we can pass along any additional details we get.

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