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But How Can You Know

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
If you know that you had done something sinful, or you said something wrong, but you didn’t know what it was, could you still confess to it and ask for forgiveness?  If so, how could you know that you were truly forgiven?  I know God can forgive any sin, but how many times do you have to ask to rest yourself assured that you are forgiven?  I know the answer is once.  I KNOW, BUT IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE ENOUGH.  Please help.


Dear Remorseful,

As you said, the answer is that you only need to ask once (1 Jn 1:9)... and that includes sins that you don't fully understand.  David asked that God would keep him from "secret sins" (Ps 19:12-13).  However, that really isn't your problem.  Your problem is that it doesn't feel like you are forgiven because that seems too easy.  God tells us that we must have faith in Him (Gal 3:26).  Faith comes through hearing God's Word and trusting in that Word (Rom 10:17).  Sometimes the Bible says things that we don't agree with or that we don't feel could be true... but that doesn't change the fact that they are right.  When our feelings and God's Word disagree with each other, we are the ones that need to accept that we are wrong.  God's grace is much more glorious than we can possibly imagine – we all will spend our entire lives trying to wrap our brains around the depths of God's love (Php 4:7).


You Don't Create God

Monday, September 10, 2018
Did God create Jesus?

In The Beginning

Dear In The Beginning,

Jesus is God.  Jhn 1:1-3 and Jhn 1:14 say that Jesus is God.  Col 1:15-17 says that all things were created by Jesus… which means Jesus wasn’t created. We often say that there is only one God… but technically, that is not accurate.  There are three Gods in the Godhead, and They all work together in perfect unity.  Jesus is God (Matt 28:9), the Father is God (2 Thess 1:2), and the Holy Spirit is God (Gen 1:2).  The word ‘God’ just means ‘deity’.  Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are all deity.  They function with complete unity (Jhn 10:30), but They are separate Beings.



Friday, August 31, 2018
I've found if I pray in bed that I always fall asleep mid-prayer, so much so that I can use prayer to relax myself to sleep if I'm having trouble drifting off.  My question is this; is it disrespectful to God to use prayer to fall asleep, or is having God be the last thought of my day better than anything else I could be thinking about to distract myself to sleep?

Talking In My Sleep

Dear Talking In My Sleep,

This is one of those questions that is left up to each person’s individual wisdom and conscience.  You have already vocalized both arguments.  On one side, it could be viewed as disrespectful that you are always falling asleep mid-conversation with the Lord… after all, it is no different than if you were talking to a person late at night.  If anything, it is even more important that you show proper respect and reverence because He is more than a person – He is our Lord and Master (Heb 12:28).

On the other hand, an equally valid argument could be made that you fall asleep because of the closeness of the relationship and the peace that comes from being near your Father.  After all, we are told that prayer and joy are closely knit together (Ps 1:5-7), and we are also told that prayer helps to alleviate suffering (Jas 5:13).

In short, you must examine yourself and decide which category your behavior fits into.


Head Count

Thursday, August 30, 2018
Are Jesus and God the same person?


Dear Recalculating,

There are three members of the Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matt 28:19).  Each of the three is fully God and have all the powers of Deity.  Read "The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit" for details on their relationship one to the other.  Jesus is definitely one of the Godhead.  Jhn 1:1 and Php 2:5-9 make it clear that Jesus is Deity.


The Power To Wait

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
If God is so powerful and mighty, can't He just destroy the devil and evil?  Why doesn't He just be, like, “BAM!”… and the devil and the evil in the world be gone?


Dear Ka-Pow,

God does have the power to destroy the devil and all evil, and eventually, that is exactly what He will do (Matt 25:41).  God tells us that the reason He hasn’t destroyed all evil is because that would involve destroying all sinful people as well.  After all, sin is what causes evil.  God, in His abundant patience, is waiting to give as many people as possible the chance to repent and turn to Him, so they can be forgiven (2 Pet 3:5-9).  God promises that one day He will destroy all evil; the really question is: whose side will we be on in that day?


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