Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher


     I'm a christian who hasn't smoked or drank alcohol in ten years and started back up about five months ago.  I've prayed and prayed.  I feel very condemned... what can I do?

Off The Wagon

Dear Off The Wagon,

The only thing to do is to repent and get back to the same habits that kept you clean for ten years.  God tells us that if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us (1 Jn 1:9).  Assuming that you have properly taken the steps to become a christian (read "Five Steps To Salvation" for details on what it takes to be saved), confession and repentance are all that is needed.  Pr 24:16 says that a righteous man may fall seven times, but he rises again.  Just get back up and keep trying.  Ten years is a wonderful success story.  You did it once; you can do it again.