Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“On Principle”

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     When the Bible doesn't directly condemn something, but we are left with applying principles to determine whether the thing is right or wrong, whom are we putting our trust in?  Do I trust myself that I have correctly applied the principles, and how will I know?

Conceptual Thinker

Dear Conceptual Thinker,

When we take Bible verses and combine them together to understand larger principles, we are doing exactly what God intends for us to do (Ps 119:160).  In Acts 15, we see the apostles do that very thing.  When the issue came up regarding the circumcision of Gentiles, the apostles listened to the evidence (Acts 15:12), studied the Old Testament Scriptures (Acts 15:15-18), and came to a conclusion (Acts 15:19).

God tells us to be wise in that which is good (Matt 10:16).  The way we gain that wisdom is by studying God’s Word and applying it to the best of our abilities.  When we do that, we are placing our faith in God.