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Ask Your Preacher

“The Waiting Place”

Categories: HEAVEN & HELL
What happens to us between death and resurrection?  Our minister spoke about this tonight; he used Luke 16:19-31.  He said this was a true story and not a parable.  Do we know we are saved before Judgment Day?  I thought we were in a state of sleep, but he said this is wrong.  Please help me to understand if you can; thank you.

Light Sleeper

Dear Light Sleeper,

The story of Lazarus and the rich man found in Luke 16 isn't a parable; Jesus tells it as a true story (Lk 16:1).  The Day of Judgment will only happen once, and then all of mankind will be divided between heaven and hell (Rev 20:12-15).  However, until that time, all the dead will wait in Hades.  Hades (also known as Sheol) is the place of the dead, both the good dead and the bad dead.  The word ‘Hades’ literally means ‘the unseen place’.  Within Hades, there are two areas where people wait for the final judgment.  All of the faithful who die wait in the good part of Hades called ‘Paradise’ (2 Cor 12:4, Lk 23:43).  All of the wicked who die wait in a part of Hades known only as ‘torments’ (Lk 16:23).