Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Back On The Path”

I am the one from "A Chosen Lifestyle".   First of all, I want to say I’m sorry for asking another question; I truly am, but I have nowhere else to turn.  I went to church the other night for the first time in a long time, and I asked God to change my heart; I begged and asked for forgiveness.  Here is the problem: I "fell" again and sinned against God.  I’m taking your advice, and I refuse to give up; however, at this point, I’m not entirely sure what to do or think.  I really want to change for God, and I honestly thought I had succeeded, but now I’m back to square one, but I know God doesn't work like that.  I just need some advice from a good christian.

Turning The Tide

Dear Turning The Tide,

You don’t need to apologize for asking for help; Bible answers are exactly what we designed this website for.  In the future, it will probably be useful if you gave us an e-mail address to respond to because anonymous questions are hard to give quick and consistent responses to – if you are concerned about keeping your anonymity, just create a free e-mail account dedicated for this type of correspondence.

It sounds like you are already giving yourself the right advice.  Pr 24:16 is the key to long-term success over addictions – keep getting back up.  You can learn something from every failure… something that can help you succeed next time.  Look at the last time that you sinned in this area.  Where did things go wrong?  What would you do differently to prevent this from happening again?  Would you have called a friend for help?  Maybe you need to change something about your routine?  Pr 4:23 says that all the issues of life come from our heart – so examine yourself… what needs to happen differently, so you can succeed next time?  You know better than anyone else what triggers your behavior and where to start improving.