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Ask Your Preacher

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Does the Bible condemn alchemy?


Dear Alchemist,

Alchemy is defined by most encyclopedias as a mixture between science and religion.  The science part of alchemy involves working with various metals and other inorganic substances in order to create new substances (like turning copper to gold) – this has absolutely nothing to do with religion and is often referred to as ‘practical alchemy’… which is a tad ironic because there isn’t anything practical about trying to turn copper to gold!

However, alchemy also involved a philosophical and religious desire to find a way to cheat death and create an elixir that would allow you to live forever.  Several of the early alchemists are recorded as viewing alchemy as a spiritual discipline.  This aspect of alchemy is immoral – and there is a decent argument that the two sides (practical and spiritual alchemy) are inextricably tied together.  The Bible says that there is only one true path to eternal life – Jesus Christ (Jhn 14:6).  Anything else is of the devil.