Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“Study Schedule”

I feel a fascination with Islam.  Not one that would make me convert (I don't think), but rather, I enjoy studying it.  If I am christian, which I am, then should I study my own religion rather than another one?  Is it bad to learn about another religion?


Dear Cross-Referencing,

There isn't anything wrong with studying other religions, but it would be a problem if you spent more time studying a false religion than you did studying the Bible.  How we spend our time is indicative of our priorities.  God tells us to study to show ourselves approved (2 Tim 2:15) and that we should grow in our knowledge, so we can teach others Jesus' message (Heb 5:12).  It is useful to know what false religions practice (even Paul had studied the pagan poets of his day – Acts 17:28), but not nearly as useful as knowing what the Bible says.  The best way to prepare yourself to "give an answer for the hope that is within you" (1 Pet 3:15) is to make sure to study your Bible diligently.  Once again, studying Islam isn't wrong, but you need to make sure it is properly balanced with other study habits.