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Ask Your Preacher

“Tax Deductible Pt. 2”


(This is a follow-up to “Tax Deductible”)

In addition to the article referenced above, are we as His church today "commanded" to give as a part of our worship?  The Corinthian church was given charge to give for a specific reason.  Should we give not only money but time and everything else God has given us with a good and cheerful heart (not just when we assemble)?

Cheerful Giver

Dear Cheerful Giver,

Individual christians are called to give to God every part of their life – not just their money.  Paul said it best when he explained a christian’s life should be a “living sacrifice” (Rom 12:1).  However, the question we dealt with in the post “Tax Deductible” dealt only with financial giving to the church.  The verse we cited, 1 Cor 16:1-2, is the only example we are given of how a local congregation should gather money.  If a congregation wants to make sure it is following God’s wishes, it must use Bible patterns for its behavior.  It is true that a congregation doesn’t have to take up a collection on Sunday if there isn’t a financial need… but as long as there are needy christians, expenses for worship, local and international evangelists to support, and the truth to teach… the church is going to have financial needs.  If a congregation needs to collect money, it is given a Bible pattern for how and when to do that – collect on the first day of the week as each member purposes in their heart to offer.