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Ask Your Preacher

“Speaking in Tongues”

My question revolves around the gift of tongues.  I was invited to a church to be prayed for as a teacher in the community.  As I was on stage, a pastor started praying for me. During the prayer, he started speaking in tongues without an interpreter. I have read the passages in the bible discussing tongues; however, I am confused on the "proper" use of tongues. What do you think about the gifts of tongues?


Tongue Tied

There was a proper way to use tongues back in the first century, but speaking in tongues today has no resemblance to that practice.  God endowed certain christians with the ability to perform miracles through the apostles (Acts 8:18).  One of those abilities was speaking in tongues - the ability to miraculous speak in other REAL languages (Acts 2:4-11).  Paul re-emphasizes this point in 1 Cor 14:10.  That is exactly why Paul instructed the Corinthians to have an interpreter.

The modern practice of speaking in tongues involves people speaking in what they call "hidden" or "spiritual" languages that make no sense to anyone, anywhere.  There is no example of this type of speaking in tongues anywhere in the New Testament.

Miraculous gifts were given to the first century church because they did not have the complete Bible as we do.  Miracles were a confirmation that those preaching were sent by God (Mk 16:20); they were how God bore witness that these men were His servants (Heb 2:2-4).  These miracles were necessary at that time, but now that the perfect Word of God has been completed, they are no longer needed (1 Cor 13:8-10).  We have all the prophecies of God written down, all the divine knowledge is in God's Word, and the Bible is translated into every language on the planet.  Now that is something worth talking about!