Ask Your Preacher

Ask Your Preacher

“The Only Light In The House”

My twelve-year-old has always been able to discuss religion and pray with me; recently, as I taught her more, she has turned against me and says based on what she sees, there is no life, and to spend eternity in hell is better than wasting time believing in a god that doesn’t exist.  My husband also doesn’t believe, so I am alone in my home.  I do not go to church; I pray and have faith on my own, turn to the Bible and others for help and guidance, and believe the Lord will send me where He wants me to be, but I can’t push religion.  I can just plant a seed.  So what should I do?

All By Myself

Dear All By Myself,

You are in a very difficult situation, but take comfort; the Lord gives very specific instructions for how a wife should behave to impact her unbelieving family.  1 Pet 3:1-2 says that the most effective influence a wife can have is her behavior.  It isn’t the words that you say that will have the most impact; it is the godly life you live.  When your choices show that you put God first and that your fear and respect of the Lord is the guiding light of your life, it will begin to influence your family members.

This means that you have to focus on your own spiritual life.  You need to start attending services.  It is wrong to forsake assembling with God’s people (Heb 10:24-25).  We would be happy to help you find a faithful congregation in your area that can support you.  Feel free to e-mail us at  As they see that you are serious about your own spiritual life, it will begin to affect your family.  Your example will plant that seed you are hoping for.